Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RnMDelights: The Wedding Team (Part2)

If there were suppliers that Ray lost sleep on, it would have to be the Photo and the Video. He knew that these will be all that is left with us when the whole hustle and bustle is gone so we really have to ensure we get the best that we could have given our budget. Now when your man talks to you with so much passion, you have to agree because you know he's dead serious! :)))

Photography - Imagine Nation / Madoka Tomas and Betty Uy

So we  devoured sooo many websites and Facebook pages of photographers. We knew that we wanted our photos to be light and fresh and natural. It took us months and a lot of due diligence when we stumbled on a bridal fair promo of Imagine Nation for one of their senior photographers - Madoka Tomas. We had to strip down the package to it's bare bones so we could secure a slot, and it was DANG WORTH IT.

Madoka was very helpful during our meetings on prenup shoots and viber discussions and gave her inputs on how we could set up the whole thing, mainly because me and Ray aren't used to posing in front of the camera. I mean sure we do a lot of shoots here in the blog but not with us as the subject haha puro pangselfie lang ang alam namin! She also made the effort to connect not just with us but with everyone else in the prenup team.

RnMDelights: The Wedding Team (Part 1)

In the previous blog we talked about the preps, we shared with you  the main resources that we used to prepare for the wedding, and gave an idea of how we worked together. We also gave you a quick rundown of the suppliers and wonderful people who helped us in this journey. This time we give a more detailed review of each supplier, and hopefully give an idea to brides-to-be out there scouting for their own dream weddings.

P.S: To our beloved suppliers, please do send us a PM if you'd like to use the photos :)

Church - Sto Nino de Cebu Parish

We couldn't have asked for a better place. When the preps were starting me and Ray were debating whether to get married in Cebu or in Manila. When "Manila" won, we went for Sto. Nino de Cebu because at least it still had a connection to his hometown. It was very accessible because of you could easily see this red church from SLEX . The package included full flower decorations, chandeliers,  and the fountain at the back. It was a sight to behold during the wedding. ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

RnMDelights : The Preps

How do I even start this?

It started with a YES. And then paper lanterns were in the air. AND THEN TIME JUST FLEW. We were getting married!

I'd have to admit that I was one clueless bride. Hehe! I haven't been to a lot of weddings and when I do I really just eat and look at the couple and chat and enjoy the moment. I don't look at the details. I have never imagined what my dream wedding would be like, I've never thought of myself on a wedding gown. I really had to start from zero!

To cut the story short, Ray had a better vision of how he wanted the wedding more than I did. Haha! We actually started talking about it since 2013. By 2014 we spent months discussing the motif and going around bridal fairs. In fact I think it took us 3-4 months to finally agree on watercolor pastels! Man we were bridal fair warriors!!

For clueless brides like me, the bridal fairs really helped. I needed to be exposed to a lot of wedding pegs for me to visualize how I wanted ours to be. And that meant several weekends of booking a whole day just to walk around on fairs. For Ray, the purpose was to canvas. I'd call him a canvas-monster HAHA. I don't know where he gets all this energy to talk to every single person in every single booth, and do it all over again on the next fair. I tend to get overwhelmed by all the people and the noise. But this is very helpful in making sure that you get the best choice in terms of value for money and quality.

For those who haven't been to bridal fairs, you can imagine that it's like your wedding market. So many people, so many couples walking from one space to another, and booth attendants trying to outdo each other and compete for attention. But because this is a wedding fair, you can expect an overflow of creativity, music, and pretty things in every turn.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dusting Off

Yessss we are still aliiiive!!

Allow me to take some time to dust off the cobwebs that have been growing at the corners of this blog. *wink* I know my last post was April 2015 but it feels so looong since I last ever wrote anything. Maybe because so many things has happened, this year has been a whirlwind!!

I write this now inside a room for two, waiting for Ray to finish fussing outside so we can prepare of lunch. In my right ring finger, a band of white and rose gold sits comfortably. REM plays in the background. It is a weekend, and we woke up 10am (yaaass!)

After almost two months, the dust has pretty much settled. From here on there is no longer much of an I-I-I as there is a we-we-we. I am starting to get used to waking up beside this gentle giant, in fact I now find it a little strange when I have to sleep without him. We are in the process of adjusting our routines, making short and long term plans, with some bickering along the way (hihi).

So yes, the duo of this blog has finally gotten married. :) :) May foreverrr!!!

We're excited to share more here. This blog is our love child and will always be. I want to keep writing and keep my eyes open to this world that can only get more colorful now that I have him with me.

AND OF COURSE WE'LL BE BLOGGING ABOUT THE WEDDING! It's a little overdue now but we'll be talking about the suppliers, the ups and downs, the lovely people who have supported us all throughout, and every single thing that made it our very own best-day-ever. So stay tuned! :)

That's one of my favorite photos from the prenup shoot. :) Up to now I can't help but gasp at the beauty of it all.

But for the meantime, excuse me while my husband calls me out to cook our fried rice. *wink* Will be back soon!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mid-Year Summer at Boracay

So allow me to start my blogging spree with a super super late video upload of our trip to Boracay last year August. :D I just looove how good vibes was all over the video, not to mention that I really love the song! Passion Pit's Carried Away!  :) :)

We took advantage of the long weekend towards the end of August to hit a happy vacation to Antique to visit my lola from my fathers side and went straight to Bora with cousins from Cebu (Will post a separate one for the Antique trip :P).
Hi pogi! This was taken at the airport

Now this is the year where I didn't have a job and I was merely living off my DOST stipend. So I had to save up by taking freelance writing jobs a couple of months prior the trip. Needless to say we definitely were on a budget! I listed down how much we spent during the Boracay trip just so some of you guys would get an idea if you haven't been there and you're planning to visit. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Can't Believe It's Been 3 Months

Since I last blogged!!

I stopped blogging for a while because I got real busy with thesis. I hit the panic button on September and decided that on the following months, nothing else would matter except for finishing my experiments and completing my thesis and finishing my presentation/manuscript. Everything else that I was doing had to stop. I couldn't procrastinate. Every waking moment was spent thinking and doing and pushing and praying. 

It was a great experience though - being able to devote all your energy to hitting your goal.

And I'm just happy that I'm almost there :)

ALMOST, because right now i'm still cramming my manuscript. The last hurrah before I finally get to say that thesis is really over. :) 

I've been really missing my blog and now I know why, IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS GEEZ!

I'm really excited to do this again. There's so many things I'd like to blab about heehee. :)

Hello 2015! There's so much we need to do! :) :)