Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Amazon Freebies for College Students!

I recently signed up for this Amazon affiliate marketing thing. It's basically just posting a product link of your preference on your page and you get a 4% referral rate for every sale. Nothing to lose! And well I think it's cool that I have a link to the purchase of the Game of Thrones collection right at my side bar. :p Yeees people it's about time you read the books so you'd stop getting buggered by people who kept coming up with spoilers. What's amazing about the show though, is that they come up with small deviations from the books and it keeps everyone on their toes. But that's a different story...why should Season 5 take too loooong.

Anyway, while looking around the website, I found out this promo they're having that's quite worth sharing: The Amazon Student offer. With the recent calendar shift, I'm sure a lot of college students are still getting used to going to school, doing research and all. Good news, Amazon's got some freebies for you!

When you sign up for Amazon Student, you get to have these FREE for the first 6 months:
a. Free 2-Day shipping
b. Exclusive deals and promos for students
c. Earn $10 when you refer a friend
d. Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows  how cool is this??
e. Borrow Kindle books for FREE
f. Access to streaming over MILLION songs and playlists

All you need is a ".edu" email address, one that is provided by your university to make sure that you really are a student (if you don't have any, you can still submit a proof of being a student), and credit card details (because after 6 months you'll have to pay for subscription).

More and more people are now going to Amazon for their online purchases because of it's great credibility and reliable service. It's interesting how they're doing this for students now.
Click below and give it a try!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Inspiration Over At The Ayala Museum Part 2

(Continued from: Inspiration Over At The Ayala Museum Part 1)

The Paintings

The third floor was an exhibit by the painter Fernando Zobel (1924-1984) entitled Journey into Space: The Visual Odyssey of Fernando Zobel. He's a Spanish - Filipino painter and businessman, and the uncle of the famous Jaime Z√≥bel de Ayala. His father was a patron of Fernando Amorsolo, and this exposed him to Amorsolo's tutelage and art at a young age.

I have always loved visiting art galleries but I'm really not one to pretend that I actually understand what they're trying to say hahah! This was more of an abstract/ impressionist kind of set, and when you do these things, you do not try to communicate concrete thoughts but you try to invoke a certain kind of emotion. Sometimes it's hard to understand what the painting is trying to say because you're like 'uh okay what's that straight red line doing in a sea of muddled blue and green?' LOL.

And in this aspect, I appreciate the Ayala Museum's attempt to bring paintings closer to the common audience (e.g. non-art intellectuals and shiz) by adorning the walls with some of Zobel's famous quotes and perspectives. This way, the audience is able to connect the man with the painting and somehow is able to understand the medium better.

I particularly liked the Black Series because Zobel was able to come up with dynamic images by simply using the color black as the 'muse'. It really appealed to me how the concept of 'nothingness' can come up with something beautiful (emo not intended :p). It draws you and it pulls you away.

Photo from the Ayala Museum website

Inspiration Over At The Ayala Museum Part 1

It was a wish come true for geeks and nerds all over the metro when Ayala Museum had a free museum day last July 19. I was particularly excited because I've been wanting to visit this museum with Ray for almost 2 years now but we never got around to because the entrance is  a little pricey (p600 per person.. update: wow just learned that the price is now p425 for non residents and p225 for residents!!! nice!!). And so when Ayala Museum announced they were having a free entrance day, we just could not let the opportunity go!

We arrived a little after lunch and we had Nica and her officemate with us. The lines were loooong, almost three thousand people flocked to the museum that day! Nevertheless the it wasn't too uncomfortable, and friendly ushers were there to guide people around.

They had a unique style of registration, where you only get to enter once you tweet or post on your Facebook the answer to this question: How do you inspire everyday? My answer was: "in hindsight, I realize too that living an impassioned life would be the best way to #InspireEveryDay " Nuuks! :p

Crossroads of Civilizations

We started at the fourth floor, and I was very excited to share the amazing Gold of the Ancestors exhibit with Ray and Nica. The legacy of our pre-hispanic ancestry just never fails to make me feel awe-struck by the grandiose of the whole culture. There's also this tragic realization that these dignified people were reduced to mere slaves when the Spaniards came and that's just sad. They erased almost all traces of this culture from the succeeding generations of a large percentage of Filipinos, and that these relics are the only proof that a time like this really existed. However, it still makes me smile thinking that at the very core of each and everyone of us, a link remains that binds us to these amazing people.

It's a pity we couldn't take photos, but I do understand this policy because these items are too precious  that it would be blasphemous to damage them by mere camera flashes. So as a sign of respect I attempted no such thing (okay I think I remember attempting once but decided against it lol!)

I just got this one from their website: