Monday, August 29, 2016

Back from Hibernation - Custom Domain Woes

Hello blog! Oh boy it's been a while. Since last year I think I've only had to legit posts lol. Mainly because as with everyone else - life happens. :p

I was trying to revive our blog for the past few days when I realized that our custom domain subscription has already expired. Basically this is responsible for giving us our ".com" email address turning it into instead of People do it for web traffic. :) For the past years our domain provider would message us when it was time to renew, however for this year, I didn't receive any email notification from them, and I also forgot about it altogether. So to my dismay, upon trying to access this blog again I only got "DNS suspended". Apparently it's been like this for 3 months already since June :-( Sorry readers! (nuks parang meron LOL)

Shout out to I tried contacting them to no avail. Their Facebook page has been inactive since 2013. They were gone with the wind. :'( It's one of the risks of online transactions, when they choose to disappear there's no number, no physical store to run to. I mean I'd perfectly understand if they had some trouble along the way and had to close down, but a notification for their clients should have been sent out.

At first I panicked about how the hell we'd get the blog back up, I felt like our blog address has been hijacked. But it turns out that reverting back from custom domain to the old "" domain is pretty easy. On the blogger dashboard you go to "Settings", visit the "Publishing" section, and click "x" in the Blog address. You will be asked if you want to remove custom domain and you can just hit "OK" and you're done.

So for now we'll be here, until I find a new domain provider. Any recommendations? :)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Different Kind of People Power - The Aurelio Super Car

Ever since we saw a sexy blue super car stride in front of us at our jogging place at Southwoods City, we have been trying to drop by Aurelio Concept Inc which is a stone's throw away from where we'd usually jog, but we normally went on weeknights and we didn't want to be seen as trespassers. But today is the People Power holiday and so we managed to jog early morning and finally grabbed the chance to visit them.

We approached with caution because we expected the shop to be highly guarded with all the highly valued things inside, but this one was wide open. So we took the liberty to step inside and check out the cars. We gaped amazement at the 2 prototype cars displayed and another 2 that were still on its very raw form.

A Filipino supercar. I'm no hardcore car enthusiast, i just recently got interested because of our Daisy, but who wouldn't be amazed at the thought of a Filipino building his own line of cars from scratch, and a super car (think Ferrari and Lamborghini) at that?