Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cebu Day 4

It's our 4th day of vacation and we just came from the awesome, awesome Bantayan Islands. I'm about to save the photoshoots for later, but what I can't wait to blog about is how much I loved bonding with my cousins, super fun! I'm happy that I get to do this at least once a year. I may not always be there but the few times we are is super worth it. :D :D


bantayan seashorebantayan



More to come!! \m/ Tomorrow I'll be going to Minglanilla to meet with Papa Ray's relatives. Heheh. 
Yey! :D

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cebu Here We Come!! \m/

So that's SUPPOSEDLY the title of this post. BUT by the time i post this we'd already be in Cebu. Becaaaause we almost got left by the plane. And our names were already called for last boarding by Cebu Pacific. Wahaha! Nagenjoy kami masyado sa aming Jollibee dinner. It appears that the flight was pulled in a couple of minutes ahead of time. Yes you read it right, AHEAD OF TIME, which is totally new for Cebu Pacific. Hehe. There was alot of waiting time at the runway though, because of the number of flights.

Anyway, yiiiihaa! Hello summer vacation! First off i'd like to rave at the fact that this is the first time that I was able to really prepare for a flight. For the past few years most of my packing has been done in a mad rush with me sticking to my bahala-na-si-batman ways. Mostly because our trips also coincide with hectic seasons at the office. However, being with an OC boyfriend does have its perks, and this time we already had a full checklist and we've also scheduled our pasalubong-shopping ahead of time.

I'm also blessed to have had a day off prior the flight, since i've been working overtime during the past couple of days (including Sunday) so i got worried that i may not have enough time to pack. There's a hell lot of difference when you pack with a relaxed mind, i got to remember most of the important things to bring plus some add-ons, i also got to plan how i'd stuff them all inside the suitcase. I was so proud of myself when my mama kept asking if i've brought this and that and this and that and all my answers were "yes nanay!". If you knew me and how forgetful i am, you'd know that it's a really big deal. Heheh!


cebu pacific airport

What we're most excited about? BANTAYAN ISLANDS. Yeahmen! I'm looking forward to bonding with my cousins again and also with papa ray's relatives. Most of all, a break from all the stress and toxicity of the workplace. We're not forgetting the essence of Holy week though, as Cebuanos are some of the most devout Catholics in the country.

I'm just really thankful for breaks like this. No matter your plans, spend it wisely! Before we know it we'd be back in the real world. :p So how do you plan to spend yours?

Happy Vacation everyone!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Line Play - Social Networking in 3D :)

Not too long ago, we blogged about Line, a mobile app that doesn't just do free calls and messaging, but also adds more fun to the experience by throwing in fun stickers, a timeline, games, camera, and more. Me and my roomies have been getting a kick out of playing with Line Camera, the filtering and sharingoptions are quite like Instagram but this allows you to play more with your photos by adding fun icons, effects, characters, blings and all that jazz :P At first i thought it was "baduy" but when I started playing with it I couldn't stop cutie-fying my photos anymore :P :P Heehee!

Just recently they added another cool feature to their services: Line Play. Hmmm it a nutshell, it's like interacting with your only friends in a 3D space instead of just via text/ photo feeds from Facebook/ Twitter. :D It allows you to create your avatar, furnish your own space, then visit the place of your friends and you could do things together like drink tea, have some snacks, water plants, or just chat away. It's really super cute.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hush.. The Butterfly has come (HTC)

We took a while prior posting this entry because we've been HELLA busy for the past few weeks. Nevertheless this is one of those blogs that we looked forward to working at mainly because we're actually fans of the product. #fanmodeON!

We found ourselves marching from Laguna to Dillingers over at Greenbelt 3 last February 26 for the launch of HTC Butterfly. I'm glad we got invited for this one because I've been curious as to what the hype really is about. Much praise has been said of the Butterfly for its stunning design and features, and we wanted to see it with our own eyes.
Dillingers is actually a steak and brew restaurant, there was just a small HTC tarp near the door and a handful of people on the tables, so we were a little hesitant to get in. Turns out, we were led to a corner where there was a small gray-walled tunnel that led down to the Prohibition lounge, a wine bar and pub with a reception area. I think the setup was really classy and old school, like the guests were being invited to a secret. Perfect way to present the elegance of what was to come.

At Dillingers

The marketing head, Francisco Turno, and country president Richard Javier were there. I actually liked the product presentation. Straightforward and no frills. You can check for the specs.

The HTC Butterfly is the first to bring 441ppi screen resolution in town. Take this: magazine photos are printed at about 300 ppi, museum-grade photos work with 400ppi, while this phone comes with 440ppi. So just imagine the display calibre this phone packs itself with. True enough, when we tried it, we were welcomed with unparalleled color vibrance for a phone. It was pleasure enough just to browse through the screen!

The phone also comes with a dedicated imaging chip. Well, not all 8mp cameras are created equal. Even some 12mp cameras suffer with over saturation of colors. But the HTC butterfly makes use of an imaging chip for quick shooting and better image processing. Guys, the thing can snap photos in as quick as 0.2 secs! Faster than you'd say "smile!" :p You'd never miss a precious, or hilarious moment with this one. :)

It also comes with a front 2.0megapixel camera for those vanity shots and group barkada pics (when you couldn't find someone else to take your group picture and you have to make use of "tantsameter" to fit all of you in the frame. Heheh!)

HTC Launch
Product demo was straight forward and product-centered
Video shooting is also topnotch quality, as again, this is the first to offer 1080p HD video playback and shoot. That's like bringing your HD TV wherever you are. For whatever purpose you may have in mind, it also has a  slow motion video capture and playback capability, so that's being able to capture the smallest details of your basketball game, make fun of your friends while they eat, or just take a surreal moment of the time when your crush said "hi!".

We weren't able to check the actual performance since we only got to play with it for a short time, but so far I'm really liking the intuitive HTC Sense OS. And at 2gb RAM and 1.5Ghz, you'd expect that this is a blazing fast device.

One thing we had to check out were the audio quality and speakers. Being music lovers, this is one of our top priorities for a phone. For the previous One X and One X+ handsets, the sound quality with headsets on were good because of Beats audio, however when you use the speaker it tends to get distorted. For the Butterfly I tried to stream a couple of songs, one electronic rock, and one with heavy bass, over the internet (yes there was wi-fi), and the sound quality was pretty nice, with considerably loud volume, thanks to the built in amplifier.

rarr! I want one!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Norah Jones w/ Peter,Bjorn and John :)

Norah Jones, that lady who brought back the "cool" to jazz and soul

And Peter Bjorn and John (famous for their happy song "Young folks")

Collaborated and came up with an awesome track and my newest favorite song.
It's a different kind of Norah Jones, and a different kind of awesome :) There's an original version out there with it's own brand of creepy, but for me this one's better. Heheh.

Happy Saturday guys! I'm savoring a few hours of peace and de-stressing before i hit war again tomorrow ;)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lenovo Launches the Z-Series Notebooks

Ever since its "re-branding" on 2003 (it was originally founded as "Legend" in 1984), Lenovo has been a strong contender in the computer industry, offering highly capable models for very affordable prices. It's also one of the first to introduce laptops with different colors that appeal to both yuppies and business professionals. They also manufacture mobile phones though they are more popularly known here in the Philippines for their computers. In fact, both our desktop and laptop units at the office are from Lenovo (though the older models are still from HP).

Last February 20, Lenovo launched their newest line of IdeaPad products, called the Z-Series over at E's Bar at the Shangrila Hotel. If the U-Series/ Ultrabooks are for those who want it thin and sleek, while the V series are for heavy duty notebook performance needs, the Z-Series tries to capture that sweet spot in between. Which just makes sense since most consumers are getting really techie nowadays and people would want something that can both "wow" and "deliver".

lenovo z-series

lenovo z-series

“Our slim IdeaPad Z touchscreen series equipped with Windows 8 is a testament to Lenovo’s long term commitment of driving innovation by expanding into new form factors as we lead the way to the PC+ era. The Z series blends fashion, form, and function to address the evolving needs of Filipino consumers looking for a slim, versatile, and intuitive personal computer with great multimedia and multi-touch features at a competitive price point.” - Vicky Agorilla, General Manager.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

We just hit 5K views! Oooh Wow! :D

Haha ang kilig ko lang. This blog has hit more than 5000 views today. Maybe it isn't much considering that we've been at it for half a year, but hey it's got to be something! :P

We're having alot of fun doing this. Lately whenever we see something interesting we're like "hey pwede sa blog!". It's a welcome break from all the toxicity from work. And when I say toxic I mean toxic to the nth-level-(insert-more-expletives-superlatives-here).

We love how it's a really cool learning experience for both of us. He's learning how to take photos in varying angles, setups, concepts, lighting conditions, and moving subjects. While me, aside of course from learning more about tech, consumer needs, writing, and such, I also study the perspectives of the people that we meet and get involved with and I'm learning so much. What great opportunities are opened up to us if only we could let go of our prejudice. :)

And we're raring to do more! Yey! Live with Delight! :)

To everyone who has dropped by this site once, twice, and a couple more times, thaaaanks alot nakakainspire lagi. Heehee.

For now however, I need to focus on the upcoming exam next week (insert-nagging-Ray-here-HAHA). There's a Lenovo entry to be published tomorrow and after that, the awesome awesome HTC Butterfly launch (fangirl mode ON), though this will have to wait until exam is finished. We're really really EFFIN busy with work so sometimes we couldn't update blog entries right away but I guess it's okay. *Priorities*Priorities*.

By the way, meet Crimson, my new friend. He's my first teddy! Yes my first teddy at twenty-six years of age. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play with my bears because I had asthma. I like him so much I take him anywhere haha. And here he is nagging me to manage my time. Heehee.

Teddy bear Crimson
Umayos ka Marshee!

I created a wordle for the page, wee!