Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jamming with the all new Jam Liner Buses

New Year, new beginnings. Everyone's busy travelling to and from their respective destinations for work, play, or just because. While people work on building the best start of the year, others are busying themselves in improving the kind of transpo services that we get to make sure we get there quick, safe, and convenient.

Being regular commuters, we know how important it is for people to have access to affordable, safe, and leisurely commuting experience. With the fast paced life that has taken over everyone in recent years, sometimes the only rest we get is that bus ride we take on the way home, to work, or to wherever our schedule takes us. Sometimes that 1 hour nap or muscle rest you get can make a huge difference to the rest of your day. Because of this, commuters are now taking into consideration the key facilities of the transport services that they subscribe to. Jam Liner, seems to have picked up and responded to the challenge with a grand makeover, so we came over to check it out.

The Terminal

The Buendia terminal is strategically located right below the Gil Puyat station of the LRT. I think the location in itself is a real plus because you’d want everything to just be within reach.

jam liner buendia
The Terminal (click for larger photos)

We were greeted with an airport-like lobby where passengers waited for their trip. It’s a fully air-conditioned waiting lounge, complete with clean chairs, flat screen televisions, and a restroom. There’s even a convenience store where you can stock up on pika-pika and other necessities while on the trip. Just like an actual airport, the seats are arranged in front of certain “gates” corresponding to the different routes that the Buendia Terminal caters to: Calabarzon, Luena, Cabuyao, Balibago, Batangas, and Lemery. Really cool, they're probably one of the first bus companies to adopt this type of setup.

jam liner buendia
The terminal (click for larger photo)

AND excuse me, the whole terminal is powered with WI-FI. And the wi-fi ACTUALLY WORKS. Hahah. Sosyal mehn!

jam liner wifi


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On With Belle de Jour for 2013 :)

Happy 2013 guys!! New Year new bloggie name! I've always loved the statement "Once We Hit The Top There's No Stopping Us", it's actually lifted from Jason Mraz's song and is one of my favorites. It feels empowering and is very positive. However the statement is waaay too long for a blog title. Hahah.

So for the start of the year, we're working with a brand new title: "Live with Delight!". I also changed the font a bit. Wee!


Anyhow, for a start, towards the end of last year i blogged about my planner dilemma. I've been thinking of going over Quezon City to check out the Moonleaf Planner already, but during the last week of December, I went to Powerbooks Festival Mall and got hold of the Matte Leather cover version of Belle de Jour and man I just DROOLED. It’s sexy sexy sexy! So I threw all my other qualms away and just grabbed one. Hehe!

(Heheh sorry for the photos, they're taken by my 5mp samsung wave 1 :p)