Marianne Macailing, or "Marshee", is an engineer currently taking her graduate studies, and a frustrated artist. A lover of sound, beauty and laughter. Struggling to find her place under the blinding manufacturing lights, she keeps her eye open to the world around her and tries to see things in a broader perspective.

She loves to doodle so she does most of the writing. In fact she accepts freelance writing gigs so hey message her if there's anything you need :) She loves alternative and techno rock, world and indie music. Pop is her guilty pleasure, and so is Channel 2. :P Reading the news and great books make her feel normal. Will sometimes admit that she's a geek. Loving, crazy, fickle, passionate.

Pheltheray Mayol, or "Papa Ray" is a gentle giant with a BIIIIG heart. He's an IT / Server /Storage Engineer. People love him for being good-natured, friendly, and for his strength of character. And he loves, loves, loves... bread. Everything about bread. :p

When he's not busy being OC about his room, he likes jogging, basketball, learning about cloud storage, and photography. He's responsible for all the amazing photos in this site and in fact is getting better at this. :) His favorite themes are outdoor landscapes and human interest. Most of his works can be seen in his Flickr. And oh, you can also contact him for defective desktop computers and laptops. Hehe. :)
Email: mayol_ (yes the boy still uses hotmail it's a longtime debate. hahaha)

They also have a baby - the Mayolcreations photobooth you can check it out here. Contact them for more fun  into your parties:

Together they get a kick out of being partners in work and play. They like to tackle human interest, gadget updates, travel experiences, a bit of current events, and everything else delightful about life and living.

Welcome to our humble abode. :)


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