Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mid-Year Summer at Boracay

So allow me to start my blogging spree with a super super late video upload of our trip to Boracay last year August. :D I just looove how good vibes was all over the video, not to mention that I really love the song! Passion Pit's Carried Away!  :) :)

We took advantage of the long weekend towards the end of August to hit a happy vacation to Antique to visit my lola from my fathers side and went straight to Bora with cousins from Cebu (Will post a separate one for the Antique trip :P).
Hi pogi! This was taken at the airport

Now this is the year where I didn't have a job and I was merely living off my DOST stipend. So I had to save up by taking freelance writing jobs a couple of months prior the trip. Needless to say we definitely were on a budget! I listed down how much we spent during the Boracay trip just so some of you guys would get an idea if you haven't been there and you're planning to visit. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Can't Believe It's Been 3 Months

Since I last blogged!!

I stopped blogging for a while because I got real busy with thesis. I hit the panic button on September and decided that on the following months, nothing else would matter except for finishing my experiments and completing my thesis and finishing my presentation/manuscript. Everything else that I was doing had to stop. I couldn't procrastinate. Every waking moment was spent thinking and doing and pushing and praying. 

It was a great experience though - being able to devote all your energy to hitting your goal.

And I'm just happy that I'm almost there :)

ALMOST, because right now i'm still cramming my manuscript. The last hurrah before I finally get to say that thesis is really over. :) 

I've been really missing my blog and now I know why, IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS GEEZ!

I'm really excited to do this again. There's so many things I'd like to blab about heehee. :)

Hello 2015! There's so much we need to do! :) :)