Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cloud Atlas - We are All Connected (The Book and The Movie)

At the start of this year I've been searching for a new book to read, as reading has been one of my favorite ways to spend my "me" time. I had to look up some book reviews for it though because I'm looking for something new, something to take my imagination for a spin. Just like in movies, I easily lose interest when the plot or the theme gets predictable. Or maybe it's just that I want my hard-earned money to buy something that can really teach me something new.

And Cloud Atlas gave me more than I asked for. It's not just a novel, it's six (6) different stories spanning six (6) different eras. The characters are linked together by a single birthmark shaped like a comet, and a universal rule that knows no space and time.

Favorite book of 2013 :)

It was a helluvanexperience. Personally, I found it breathtaking and exhausting at the same time. Each character lived in a different era, therefore for each "chapter", one had to be accustomed to the setting, the characters, the culture, and most especially the prose. The vocabulary of the 1800's are of course, different from the 1970's, and from 2013, and Mitchell invented his own slang for the future. Mitchell, takes a delicious spin at every turn and I loved it.