Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dusting Off

Yessss we are still aliiiive!!

Allow me to take some time to dust off the cobwebs that have been growing at the corners of this blog. *wink* I know my last post was April 2015 but it feels so looong since I last ever wrote anything. Maybe because so many things has happened, this year has been a whirlwind!!

I write this now inside a room for two, waiting for Ray to finish fussing outside so we can prepare of lunch. In my right ring finger, a band of white and rose gold sits comfortably. REM plays in the background. It is a weekend, and we woke up 10am (yaaass!)

After almost two months, the dust has pretty much settled. From here on there is no longer much of an I-I-I as there is a we-we-we. I am starting to get used to waking up beside this gentle giant, in fact I now find it a little strange when I have to sleep without him. We are in the process of adjusting our routines, making short and long term plans, with some bickering along the way (hihi).

So yes, the duo of this blog has finally gotten married. :) :) May foreverrr!!!

We're excited to share more here. This blog is our love child and will always be. I want to keep writing and keep my eyes open to this world that can only get more colorful now that I have him with me.

AND OF COURSE WE'LL BE BLOGGING ABOUT THE WEDDING! It's a little overdue now but we'll be talking about the suppliers, the ups and downs, the lovely people who have supported us all throughout, and every single thing that made it our very own best-day-ever. So stay tuned! :)

That's one of my favorite photos from the prenup shoot. :) Up to now I can't help but gasp at the beauty of it all.

But for the meantime, excuse me while my husband calls me out to cook our fried rice. *wink* Will be back soon!!