Sunday, October 27, 2013

Eargasm Anew - AKG K404 Foldable Headphones

I've always said that music is my gasoline, and it truly is. I like it rock when on I'm feeling hyper or when I need to speed up my pacing. During road trips and work I go for techno  or indie, and when I need a quick 'disconnect' from the world I would listen to symphonies. I love listening to whole albums and discovering new material. It makes me feel alive and keeps me in my element.

Being an audiophile, one of the happiest luxuries that I go for is a decent set of player and headset, but I can't afford the super expensive ones. I try to avoid those in-ear headsets because I my ears feel 'raped' after two hours of use. My last one was the Philips Air Wear Headphones that I had with me for almost a year. It was really pretty and kind to the ears, while still giving a decent sound that could cope well enough with the wide variety of music that I listen to. However it isn't foldable and eventually got a lot of beating from my bag and one of the headphones just stopped working.

After that I couldn't afford another 1k+ headphones so I went back to using earphones. There are a lot of candy- colored headphones out there but they look too "jeje" for me and they only sound good when played loud.

I've been pining for a new headset for months and months now but Papa Ray kept on stopping me from buying one because he said it was too expensive for my budget. Only to find out that he intended to give me one for my birthday! Yeaaah!!

Here's the wa-poise look I had as I opened the gift:

 Wahahaha! Oh joy!

When I opened the gift (which was so nicely wrapped by the way), it was an AKG K404 Foldable Headphone set that comes with a pouch and 2 year-warranty. I was like WHOAAA!

akg k404

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lenovo Edge E130 - My New Buddy!

My 8 year relationship with my trusty 14" Compaq Presario laptop has ended more than a month ago, and I was the saddest when it happened. He's still such a beauty even after all these years.

  This laptop got me through numerous exams and undergrad thesis days.

Classic Polished metal surface:) It's really beautiful but this build made it awfully heavy too. :(

I did something stupid and had the battery stuck in its case for more than 5 years, it has since deteriorated and couldn't live without the plug. This is a Core Duo with a measly 50 gb of hard drive space, but it still performed like a pro, and handled all the needs of our first photobooth gig with no hassle. No performance issues at all for all the softwares that I have run on it, except for some display issues, probably a problem with the flex cable. But one sad day it suddenly it wouldn't boot up. 

After the herculean efforts of Papa Ray to dislodge the battery off it's holder, he found out that something near the power button seem to have burned, or got bitten off by ants.

With my graduate thesis so near and all, we had to look for a new laptop that would be able to keep up in terms of performance and be handy enough to carry around. Ray's first thought was to ensure that we had a Lenovo Thinkpad. This line is geared towards high performance laptops, though they're not popular in the Looks department.

After much research, struggling with budget versus performance and portability, we ended up with a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E130.

It runs with an Intel i5 Processor, with 4GB of RAM, and 500gb of storage, all for P30K! Seriously I think it's an awesome deal! We had such a hard time looking for this in Megamall Cyberzone because all the stores were out of stock, and Villman alone offered us to have it ready in their store by the next day.
So thank God we got the unit and here it is :D :D :D

Not baaaaaaaad yes?!

Because I miss blogging

It's been so loooooong. And so many things has just happened!!

I'm itching to blog all about it but I think I'll wait for the right time. I'm at the cross roads now, and at the edge of something really big, at least for me. Just dropping by to say hi :P Tomorrow I'll be posting something about a new laptop that I just bought, and soon after that will be blabbing about my newest baby. :p Still really busy, will find more time soon. Really soon. :-)