Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turning Pages

I have been trying to put off writing about this for quite a while already. I wanted to break the news with flair, with a bang, however you want to put it.

But well I realize that delaying it is pointless. It will come, and it will happen, no matter if I'm ready or not.

I have resigned from a 5 year semiconductor career. To run after my heart.  :)

It is one of the biggest gambles that I'm taking at this point in my life. But I realize that there's no better time than now to make those risks happen. To actually make things happen.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Flowers For Love

A woman is like a flower. She is fragile, she is delicate, and she is beautiful. One doesn't need to look very far to appreciate the wonder of her.

gumamela flower
Gumamela's can be found in almost every community.

In spite of it, a woman is strong, she does not yield too easily when she knows she is right. As meek as she is, she knows when to stand her ground. She might be too common and risks being taken for granted, but she will not be belittled because the moment you do you will be in for a surprise.

In spite of typhoons and strong winds, flowers just shed off their petals and continue to live on resiliently

Monday, November 18, 2013

Next Target: The Mind Museum

Ever since I've heard that there was such a place, I have always always always wanted to get into the Mind Museum. :D I've always had a fascination for Museums, having been awestruck by the gold of our ancestors in the Ayala Museum, and being amazed by the paintings over at Bencab. While these two are a celebration of history and creativity, the Mind museum is a grand celebration of science, and promises to be one of the most mindblowing experiences ever. 

I just checked out a couple of sites about it and got really excited about the Universe Gallery. I've always been fascinated with space, I followed the progress of Curiosity and I even have a postcard of the moons of Jupiter in my office desk heehee! When I was in college, I used to lie on the grass of Sunken Garden during evenings and imagine myself in a vertical position, with the stars right in front of me, and it's a surreal experience that I sometimes find myself clinging tightly on the grass for fear I might fall off hahah. Imagine seeing a lifesize model of THE universe, complete with interactive displays of the moon, stars, and the planets. Looking at the photos alone can excite the senses already!

(Official photo from The Mind Museum)