Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh Phoenix!

When did you last have a dream-come-true moment?

Mine happened last January 21 at the World Trade Center, because I finally FINALLY got to watch Phoenix live!!

If their name doesn't ring a bell that's because they aren't very popular in Manila save for a couple of songs like 1901, Everything is Everything, and Lisztomania. They're an indie band hailing from Versailles, France, their music has alot of 80's vibe and techno-psychedelic-rock going on. To me they're the kind of band that you don't dig for the lyrics because they're quite hard to understand, sometimes I feel like Thomas Mars (vocalist) is just blabbering hahah. You DO understand them eventually, but that's after you have already fallen inlove with the beat and their music. They don't exactly have the most number of fans because they cater to a specific taste in sound, but the few they do have are DIEHARDS.

They were introduced to me by my friend Ron, I think 3-4 years ago (who I saw in the concert by the way) and I fell in love with them ever since. I have a copy of all their albums and I know them by heart (no not the lyrics though heheh). And I was one of the many who clamored for their visit. I did realize though that it may be a little far off since they didn't seem to have too many fans here. But the concert scene in Manila has significantly changed, with so many foreign acts coming in (though I wish the OPM scene could be even half as robust). Together with the release of their much awaited album, "Bankrupt!", we finally had our piece of amazing news, Phoenix is finally coming to the Philippines!! I swear I screamed!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bride For Rent and Giggling Thoughts

Okay this is gonna be quick, I loved Bride For Rent. Heehee!
And what's better is watching it with a sister. Haha! Madaming yugyugan at hampasan gawa ng kilig at ligalig ang naganap sa sinehan hahah! I missed this!

Me with sis unai after the movie

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ang Nawalang Kapatid - A Taste of Our Indian Roots

(Update feb20: Check out this link for our review!)
It's been so long since I last watched a theater play over at UP Diliman. My last play was from Ballet Philippines at the PICC and it was a musical. I realize I missed the magic of theater that movie houses just can't hope to beat. The music, the lights, the production, the set - everything is simply larger than life. You don't just watch from a screen, you feel like you're actually a part of it.

Dulaang UP has always been one of the leading theater guilds, and has been the training ground of many of successful actors and actresses both on-stage and on TV. At the end of it's their 38th season, they present "Ang Nawalang Kapatid". It is a musical based on the Indian epic Mahabharata and is a re-telling of the story of battling Kaurava and Pandava families. 

ang nawawalang kapatid DUP

Friday, January 17, 2014

Inspiration on the First Day of Freedom

Yesterday was my first freedom day. Yes, after 3 weeks, I finally got some real fresh air and well, real traffic. Heheh. You wouldn't believe how ecstatic I was! Seriously 3 weeks of house arrest can make you feel really down. So I went to UP for the 1st time for 2014. Sickness is a b*tch though, specially if it dwelt in your bloodstream. :( I could still feel some weakness in my knees, and I still wasn't very much up to UP long walks.

But it was fun! It was a very productive day. Finally got my cellulose fiber, got into talks with DOST-Enterprise and it's quite a promising venture. I'm thinking of really pushing it through if things go well enough. It ended with a chika-date with Moia and also a quick date with my Phelthe-love. :-)

Standing at the MRT, watching all these people rushing and all these mad cars racing each other, suddenly it all came rushing to me. House arrest tends to freeze you and your brain, but being back in the city reminded me of the MANY things that I need to be doing. It is a race against time and I must never forget. I admit I kind of started late, but it's never really too late to push for the things you really want. There's sooo much work to be done! The theme of my year will definitely be Time Management and FOCUS. And my motto is: Shoot lang ng shoot! Hahah!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Experience is the Best Vaccine - Hello 2014!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you people on your way to making good of your new years resolutions? How many of you even had one? :)

While everyone else was jumpstarting their year with all sorts of motivation, I on the other hand, was tossing and turning in my bed right from the first day of the year.  I unfortunately got hit with measles. I was fired up, not with conviction, but with extreme fever that plagued me for days. What a way to start!

It started with headaches, I thought my head just got mad at me again after sleeping three days at 3am straight. So I popped in some Biogesic and Alaxan to keep me up. But the fever wouldn't go, and was soon followed by some coughing. At first the doctor thought it was just an allergic reaction because of the change in weather, incidentally it was found in my urinalysis that I also had Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and this can also cause fever.

A couple more days though the rashes started appearing in my face, and my eyes started getting watery.  One look from the doctor was all it took for her to decide it was measles. I'm not one to join trends, but hey looks like I just jumped the bandwagon!