Saturday, December 28, 2013

5 Things To Love About The BDJ Power Planner 2014

I have been a loyal BDJ girl for 4 years now, and I just bought my 5th last week. I was in the verge of switching planners last year but I realized that a planner is a friend. Its nice to know just where to drop your doodles without having to 'familiarize' every year. I think I made a really good choice because my BDJ 2013 was just so packed!  I got to fill up almost all the pages, I even wrote some of my blog posts there so yes my relationship with BDJ is going strong. :)

And for that, I'm listing down a couple of reasons why you would love Viviamo's fab offering for 2014. Again, why would you want a BDJ?

1. It's like a BFF that we have become so comfortable with - BDJ girls know this. What I love about BDJ is that it has the same old format but it is still made exciting by new features, slight changes on fonts and color themes. It gets better but without alienating the users with too much change. :D And because Viviamo is an actual company (that seems to being doing really well if I may add), one can be assured of the continuity of BDJ planners in the coming years as it already has a very strong following. They make sure that your planner is not just like any other planner, it's your buddy. 
Here's a screenshot of a page. If you notice, the lines and texts are also quite faint, except for the dates. This is so you don't get pressured to write strictly within the boundaries of the allotted space. This works for me because I'm an anything-goes kind of person who likes to jot down notes everywhere. :D 

With different theme colors every month and cute fonts in a non-jolog-kind-of-way :)

A one week page has additional spaces for : 'Professional  Priorities', 'Major Goals', 'Personal Errands', 'This Week's List of', and 'This week I'm grateful for' (my personal favorite! Reminds me to always be thankful :D ). 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Simple and Meaningful Christmas :)

It's Christmaaaaaas!!! :D

I gave myself a 2 week Christmas break and I'm so giggly about it hahah! I'm considering this as a reward break from all that nonstop working that I used to do. For 5 years, a buzz of pressure was always at the back of my head, if I'm not working I ought to be studying, and if I'm not studying I ought to do something productive to make the most out of that precious, precious time. I know things are entirely different now because I can finally tell myself "hush sweetie, calm down, we've got time". :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Mind Museum - Candy for the Brain!

Do you remember the time when science was exciting? It meant digging deep into nature and trying to figure out her secrets. One of the earliest memories I had of science was of my gradeschool teacher explaining to us what a "hypothesis" meant, and how the whole life of a scientist evolves around testing a hypothesis for truth and untruth.

Science started out really fun, but sometime in highschool it transformed into a total pain, i personally had a lot of trouble with Biology. Hehe! It's a sad thing, especially if we want a pool of students to reinforce our growing pool of R & D. Good news is, the Ayala group has found a way to bring the fun back to Science. Say hello to the Mind Museum!

mind museum

Sunday, December 15, 2013

SPIK 2013 Annual Forum - Nurturing That Much Needed Link

I have always thought that when it comes to research, the Philippines is already bursting with so many ideas. In fact I think the university is  almost saturated with it. We have already proved countless of times that Filipino talent is definitely at par with our counterparts from developing countries. 

While a new idea is always a good thing, I think a larger problem is that these ideas remain just that - a pool of ideas. Majority of thesis studies  are left to dust in their departments, either because it has not found a suitable application/funding, or the momentum to follow it through has simply burned out. 

So I found it very timely that key people from the university, the industry, and the government are now making concrete responses to this need, by initiating a partnership between ERDT, Engineering Research and Development for Technology, and SPIK, Samahan sa Pilipinas ng Industriyang Kimika. Well yes, it is composed mostly of chemical engineers, and related industries, mainly because manufacturing in the Philippines, is 60% composed of companies that are related to the chemicals industry. Being an ERDT scholar, we were required to attend the forum. As chemical plants normally employ a mix of various disciplines, below fields  can also benefit from the forum:

Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and
Environmental Engineering

The main goal is to create a government-industry-academe linkage, with the following roles:

Government - provision of scholarships, funding, necessary legislation, and support on the national level of the programs
Academe - provision of capable manpower and environment for research, laboratory facilities, intellectual know-how
Industry partner - commercialization, funding, mass production/ implementation of results

Thursday, December 12, 2013

On Garnier, Good Vibes, and my Beloved Gentle Giant :D

I was never the vain type but out of curiosity, I got myself a BDJ box a couple of months ago. It's a "beauty box" from Belle de Jour (yep, the makers of awesome awesome journals :) ) that contains samplers  of products from different brands, which range from facial care, hare care, perfumes and even makeup. All for only 500 pesos a box. Sweet, yes? 

One of my favorites would have to be the Garnier products, which included a facial wash and the Light Complete Day Cream. I especially love the moisturizer because it's light, non greasy, and keeps me moisturized. In fact I had two pimples the other week, probably because my skin is adjusting to the new routine of commute-heavy weekdays, but it didn't last long when I consistently used the moisturizer. The pimple marks were quickly gone as well.