Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trying to be Cool - Phoenix feat. R.Kelly.

I'm simply amazed. R.Kelly with PHOENIX.
I've been playing Phoenix's album Bankrupt over and over again for the past days just to get a better "feel" of it. Two tracks have already been released, "Entertainment", and "Trying to be Cool". But I like the latter better. I stumbled upon this version at Soundcloud (one of the best ways to flirt with your music, I say). And it's just way too cool!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Science via Art, and Vice Versa

Our professor invited Joey Tanedo from the College of Fine Arts to talk about the upcoming video presentation of our review paper. I thought we'll just deal with the technicalities of video making like the framing, the camera works, the gestures and the like. But what we talked about was something deeper. It was the marriage of Art and Science.

I first heard about this while reading Steve Job's biography (I blogged about it here). The reason why Apple remains to be the icon that it is, is because they were able to merge technological genius with a fine taste for art. You can see it in the way they planned their operating system, from the all the nitty gritty connections, to the design of their phones - everything is well thought of.

Now if they CAN do it, why can't we?