Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Techthoughts: Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Tab 2 7.0

One of my can't-leave-the-house-without gadgets, would admittedly have to be my Samsung Tab 2 7.0. It's simple but powerful, and good enough for my browsing needs. However, touch-typing just cannot compare to an actual keyboard, as I really enjoy typing and I find it therapeutic. I'm also more able to express my thoughts when I type on a keyboard, especially for blogging and essays.

So Papa Ray thoughtfully gave me a Bluetooth Keyboard for Christmas. Yey! Well yes, it's been ages, but I'm writing about it now because I think it deserves some praise. It's been an indispensable buddy for my Tab. :)

Samsung Tab 2 7.0 Bluetooth Keyboard
My Bluetooth Keyboard

It's a Bluetooth keyboard so it's obviously wireless. It has a sleep mode that allows the device to save power when not in use, and conveniently snaps back to life when you press any button. The response time prior reconnection is about 2-3 seconds.

Basically all the basic key functions are there. The first row is dedicated to media functions, with a  "home" button, a "browse by window" button, a "return" button, and call functions, which my Tab doesn't have because it's a wifi-only version.

The last 5 rows contain the basic keyboard layout. I'm happy to note that the arrangement of the keys perfectly resemble the qwerty format on real keyboards, because other bluetooth keyboards don't and it kind of messes up your key-navigation. Specially when you're a person who doesn't look at the keys while typing.

Another concern is the "type-ability" (I hope there's such a word). It's a silicon keyboard so it will take some getting used to. However the width of the keys of this one, is good enough for my fingers. Big enough to keep you from accidentally hitting the adjacent key, and small enough not to take additional space. It's good that they didn't add too much additional function keys on the side, to save the space for larger keys where they are more important.

Of course it has a pocket to house the tablet, though it makes the whole thing look like a planner. Not bad really, but it can feel bulky at times.

At first I had to get used to it, but it only took me a week before I was already able to comfortably type on it without looking. And up to now I still love it. I use it most especially when studying, when I take notes, when I draft blog entries, and when I make comments in the web. :D

This one was bought over at Greenhills. Ray won't tell me the price though. :( I'm guessing it's between 1-1.5K php. :D

And, just in case you consider buying one, do take note of the appearance of this keyboard, because not all Bluetooth keyboards are made equal. :)

Samsung Tab 2 7.0 Bluetooth Keyboard
Lovin it!


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