Saturday, May 25, 2013

Engineering Summer 2013 - Nasugbu Batangas

After months of pooling funds, we had our summer outing over at Muntingbuhangin Resort, in Nasugbu Batangas, last April 27 (I know it's been a month, sorry for the late post heheh). :D :D It's our first overnight summer outing and it was suuuuuper fun, with unexpected visitors and twists, and just pure fun and bonding between colleagues and friends. :D

We liked the prompt service of the Resort as all of our needs for the games, plus the free breakfast and lunch (depending on the package availed), all came on time. There were attendants all over the resort ready to cater to our needs. The facilities were pretty neat too. It really caters to group and company outings and teambuildings. It was a pretty long ride going there but it's worth it :)

It was a welcome break from the office, no verifications, no line dispos, no issues. The big bosses came and there were no follow ups. Yey! Hahaha!

Here are some of the photo snippets from the outing :D Most photos by Mayolcreations (unless otherwise noted), he's getting better at this I swear. :D *wink*

muntingbuhangin batangas
We were blessed with an amazing weather

muntingbuhangin batangas
Sail together, yes? :)
muntingbuhangin batangas
muntingbuhangin batangas

outing cooking muntingbuhangin
One of the things i enjoyed were the "chikahan-sa-kusina-moments" with the girls, while preparing the food. Kudos to our master chef! :)
muntingbuhangin batangas
The longest tug of war of my life. Haha

muntingbuhangin batangas
Boom ti-yaya Boom ti-yaya Boom ye ye!

muntingbuhangin batangas
The bentang-bentang jumpshot :P
underwater cam 
Underwater cam love! < office cam, at oo underwater cam ang gamit namin sa office hahaha>

muntingbuhangin batangas
Yehess, everyone had fun :D :D
punta fuego batangas
The Punta Fuego resort is right beside ours, so we dropped by for a look. The only difference really is that more people wore bikinis. Lol.

Fuuuuun Summer! This is one of those times when you remember that it's not only the work that matters, but those who are with you in it - sweat, tears, 8D deadlines, audit findings, and all. :P


  1. "'s not only the work that matters, but those who are with you in it..."



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