Sunday, May 26, 2013

Roomie Triple Date!

One of the things I'm really thankful for is how I've always had really awesome roommates. And my current boarding house is no exception. I may not be there all the time (specially on weekends) but I love how close we have become, and it's always awesome to have someone to girl-talk with at the end of a looooong day, or someone to borrow clothes / critique your latest get up/ share gossip with or simply just laugh your heart out. 

Sadly though, one of us is about to leave for Cebu, because she just had one of the most awesomest job offers in the world. Okay I'm exaggerating but it's an awesome awesome job offer nevertheless. So, a despedida partey is a must! And turns out it's one of the most fun we've had. Wee!

We had four super sulit hours over at Acewater Spa, followed by a bundat-sagad buffet dinner over at Yakimix, then a sing-till-you-drop session at HQ right in the middle of Guadalupe Whew!

acewater spa pasig
Madame Meriam, Maila Senyora, and Lola Marshee. hahaha

That's the only photo we had at Acewater Spa. And oh, taking photos is prohibited. Heheh. This is the first time that we all had our special someone's with us, and the boys instantly bonded like long time friends, allowing us to girl-talk all we want. Veeeerry nice. Hahah. I've been to Acewater spa a total of three times already and it's always enjoyable everytime. It's our first time to visit the Pasig branch, and it was great just the same, though the whole facility was a bit smaller than the one in Quezon City.

Here's a little secret: this is the first time we made a sister-commitment to try and wear a two piece. And we survived! Hahahaha! 

Yakimix made us wait for almost an hour before we got in, but it was woooooorth iiiiiit. :D :D It lets you have a full unlimited buffet for about 600 pesos, but you really have to get there early because the line is crazy specially after office hours.I was ridiculously FULL I almost couldn't walk right. It was crazy!
Boys and girls, dinner is served!

Aaaaand the last stop is HQ - nestled right in the middle of the hustle and bustle in Guadalupe. In short sa may eskinita lang. Wahahahah. We videoke-d our way all through the night with random hits and all time faves. Walang basagan ng trip mga singer kame! \m/

I love these girls :)
Sa kinahaba-haba ng pilitan, bibirit din! With all intensity! hahaha!

We're not together right now because Yam has already flown to Cebu, I'm currently staying in Laguna, and Mai is at the boarding house, but we keep in touch almost everyday via BB so we're always there for each other. Here's to friendships to last a lifetime! Will see you soon Yamburger!

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