Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Freelancing at Essays.ph Yo!

I've been approved as a member of Essays.ph for a long time now however I never really found time to claim an assignment because I've been too busy with work and extra-curricular activities. And during times when I'm actually free no assignments would be available.

Today though, I chanced upon an assignment. So I clicked and claimed right away. Only to find out that I need to submit five 450-word-articles within twenty four hours. I wouldn't mind the requirement, only that I had work tomorrow so essentially, I only have roughly five hours to complete the whole thing. HUWAAAT.

So here I am writing like crazy as a first time freelance writer. It's exciting and scary at the same time. But I love how I was able to learn so much in a matter of hours. And the act of typing is so therapeutic. I think you would agree, yes? The sound of keyboards snapping is almost like running water. It's so peaceful. Bwehehe. It's really cool when you still have ideas bubbling in your head, but after a while it gets draining. But I guess that's the challenge. To write even if you feel like you no longer have ideas. To find a new angle, to come up with a new story. Ahh, I think a writers life must be amazing and stressful in different levels.

Everyone's work is stressful in different levels anyway.

I just finished churning out 4 articles. The last article is still brewing in my head but I think I'll allow myself some sleep first. In fact I'm also brimming with ideas to write on this blog. Wee.


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