Saturday, May 25, 2013

(Not) Getting Rid of Gaps

Written on one of those rare nights when i get home in time for telenovelas :)

Tonight i got home a bit earlier than usual, so I managed to catch up with a couple of local teleseryes. Catching up with local TV is a guilty pleasure (apart from the fact that we don't have cable lol), and it makes me feel normal. I'm a certified Kapamilya. Muhaha.

Juan dela Cruz was about to end when I started watching, and I went through Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Apoy sa Dagat, and Missing You. I didn't finish the last one because it felt predictable.But one thing I realized was that I didn't miss out too much with these teleseryes. Across all timeslots, everyone's still crying, and shouting, and scheming revenge, and shiz like that. Nothing new really.

Something's always happening. Someone looks for someone else, yells, screams, gnashes teeth, or maybe falls head over heels in love. But what TV and mainstream movies fail to show, is that life can be really boring. That sometimes a day, a week, or a couple of months could pass by, and nothing ever really happens. That part of being human is dragging yourself out of bed and walking with unseen strings called ROUTINE. No bombs, no revelations, no brouhaha's. Just a continuum of breathing and living. And you live anyway.

Facebook timelines can also be deceiving. They merely show one event after another, never mind if the gap is almost 9 months. Spend a whole day browsing through your feeds or of your fab friend's profile pics, and you'd find yourself miserable by sunset. Heehee. #aminin

Boredom is a fact of life. People who say that there are no boring moments, only boring people, are fooling themselves. Boredom can catch up with you no matter where you are, whether you're alone in a room, or in a jampacked bar. It just happens.

When you live life, you don't just take the good times, and gear up for the bad times. You also have to deal with the mundane. The moments when you just stare at the ceiling, the moments when you do nothing but watch TV all day, the moments when everyone has gone out but you're stuck at home, the moments when everyone around you is all a-buzzing and you just stare in space. Moments when you walk along sidewalks lost in thought. Moments when you open your eyes in the morning and say "Oh it's work again dammit", and then you go home tired and the next day it's all the same.

And really, i find nothing wrong about it (except of course for the pathological kind which is a different story altogether). Boredom is a pause in between camera takes, a time to pause and recharge. Again, it is a fact of life. Unless you're the president probably. Heck, i bet even Barack Obama gets bored. (Never mind PNoy he'd probably have a handy PSP anyway lol).

It's what you make out of it that counts. I personally like these times because it allows me to daydream. To pause and think. To stop and smell the flowers. To observe the spinning world around me. To read a book and indulge in it. Although there are still alot of times when my patience overpowers me. :p

We live in an era where we're pressed to get rid of gaps and make the most out of our time. While it is indeed productive, I realize it can also be very exhausting. I wish there was a national day where everyone had the license to pause and get bored. Lol. Or maybe I'm just feeling lazy.

I just think that the moments when we pause are the moments when we feel most sane.

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