Saturday, March 2, 2013

We just hit 5K views! Oooh Wow! :D

Haha ang kilig ko lang. This blog has hit more than 5000 views today. Maybe it isn't much considering that we've been at it for half a year, but hey it's got to be something! :P

We're having alot of fun doing this. Lately whenever we see something interesting we're like "hey pwede sa blog!". It's a welcome break from all the toxicity from work. And when I say toxic I mean toxic to the nth-level-(insert-more-expletives-superlatives-here).

We love how it's a really cool learning experience for both of us. He's learning how to take photos in varying angles, setups, concepts, lighting conditions, and moving subjects. While me, aside of course from learning more about tech, consumer needs, writing, and such, I also study the perspectives of the people that we meet and get involved with and I'm learning so much. What great opportunities are opened up to us if only we could let go of our prejudice. :)

And we're raring to do more! Yey! Live with Delight! :)

To everyone who has dropped by this site once, twice, and a couple more times, thaaaanks alot nakakainspire lagi. Heehee.

For now however, I need to focus on the upcoming exam next week (insert-nagging-Ray-here-HAHA). There's a Lenovo entry to be published tomorrow and after that, the awesome awesome HTC Butterfly launch (fangirl mode ON), though this will have to wait until exam is finished. We're really really EFFIN busy with work so sometimes we couldn't update blog entries right away but I guess it's okay. *Priorities*Priorities*.

By the way, meet Crimson, my new friend. He's my first teddy! Yes my first teddy at twenty-six years of age. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play with my bears because I had asthma. I like him so much I take him anywhere haha. And here he is nagging me to manage my time. Heehee.

Teddy bear Crimson
Umayos ka Marshee!

I created a wordle for the page, wee!

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