Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine BLAST!

So i just mentioned that we had 4 valentine dates, yes?

The first one was really just a pre-valentine dinner, where we both craved for Jollibee float and had dinner at Starmall Alabang. It was a long day at work then, and we just wanted some simple quality time together. Pity we didn't get a photo, we were too busy enjoying our chicken joy. Hahah.

Gelatissimo at Serendra
The second was valentines day itself, which was like a working valentine date because it was our first time to attend a bloggers event, the product launch of Line app, which I'm still using up to now by the way. :P We loved this experience because we were able to spend the day doing something new, and something we both get a kick out of. After the event, we had a mini-ice cream session over at Serendra.

Midsummer Night's Dream Ballet PhilsThe third, was my valentines gift for Papa Ray. I gave this while we were sitting at one of the benches in front of Gelatissimo at The Fort. heeheh! Tickets for two to the Midsummer Night's Dream at the CCP Theater! It was our first time to watch a stage play together, and I haven't done this for quite a long time already. It's a full ballet and I thought we'd get bored but it was REALLY GOOD. We totally enjoyed it. I was overflowing with excitement that I couldn't help but blog about it.I'm already exicted for the next play!

I just wish the prices would go down a little huhu. The key is to get more people to watch it so they'd cover the operating expenses better! Or, the government should provide better support.:)

The fourth, and the last, was a sweet sweet valentine date courtesy of Ray and Lloydie. I felt a little sad last Feb 14 because I didn't have flowers. Haha! Petty na kung petty. I've always liked flowers I really do. Because they're colorful and fragrant. And fragile. And beautiful. And yes because I'm a girl. Haha! Nevertheless I thought it was okay because we were gonna be attending an event that night and it would be a hassle to tag flowers along.

It was a Sunday and we had a double date with our engaged couple friends Lloydie and Meimei at the Megatrade hall to attend a Bridal fair. We learned about all the different prices, samples, and packages being offered for weddings. Afterwards, me and meimei thought we'd being having dinner at megamall before we go home, however the boys were insisting that we should have dinner at Alabang instead. And we were like, "why??". But being the good girls that we are (bwehehe), we simply followed.

We talked about meimei's brother working at Crimson Hotel Alabang. At first I didn't even know that it was already operational because it looked like it was still ongoing construction. Apparently though, a couple of floors are already open to the public. So we talked about visiting meimei's kuya TJ. Ang ganda pala sa loob!

Crimson Hotel Alabang

AAAAND it turns out, there was a surprise waiting for us at the hotel restaurant! 
Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
May beking paparating!

Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
May flowerrrs yeeey!

At lafang na! What i loved about this setup was that there weren't alot of people in the restaurant that night, so we had all the freedom to laugh and chat at eat eat eat! Ito na ang record ng pinakamarami kong nakain sa loob ng isang gabi! yuuum!

Crimson Hotel Cafe 8

Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
Crimson Hotel Cafe 8

Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
Crimson Hotel Cafe 8
Crimson Hotel Cafe 8

More photos here

Sobrang sarap ng food! Highly recommended! :D :D

It was a night of love and friendship. Thank you so much Papa Ray and Lloydie for this! Ang haba lang ng hair namin! heheh! Here's to more double dates and good times together! <3 p="">

Crimson Hotel Lobby

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