Sunday, February 10, 2013

How about some music? :)

It hasn't been very evident in this blog, but i actually love music.;)
I've always said that music is my gasoline. My loves range from rock to techno to funk to indigenous music. Okay lets add some pop heehee.

However for the past few months I've been running out of new material to listen to. The last upcoming OPM greats I've known are Franco and Tanya Markova. Everyone else seems to be sounding alike. Though I think Mr.Bones and the Boneyard Circus is promising too. But I'm yet to fulfill my dream of watching Taken by Cars perform live. I'm lucky to have caught Cynthia Alexander before she left though. I just still think that OPM has lost so much since NU 107.5 died. :( Jam 88.3 seems to be trying to replace it but ugh that's a different story. Ok I'm blabbing.

Back to my search, i hit a eureka moment when i stumbled upon this music blog It has got all the things that my playlist needs and it's really refreshing to hear awesome tracks from the other side of the world. I'm a new fan wee. I'm sharing a couple of them here every now and then. And maybe a song of the week from old classics. They won't always be radio-friendly and you may even find some of them weird, but to hell with it i'm sharing anyway. Just because I want to. :p

So heres my first find for 2013. "Sterling" from Spires. They're a progressive metal band based on Manchester, UK. (Yes i'm more inclined to Brit rock because the Americans have gotten a little too emo i dunno maybe thats just me heheh.)
Enjoy! :)

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