Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cebu Here We Come!! \m/

So that's SUPPOSEDLY the title of this post. BUT by the time i post this we'd already be in Cebu. Becaaaause we almost got left by the plane. And our names were already called for last boarding by Cebu Pacific. Wahaha! Nagenjoy kami masyado sa aming Jollibee dinner. It appears that the flight was pulled in a couple of minutes ahead of time. Yes you read it right, AHEAD OF TIME, which is totally new for Cebu Pacific. Hehe. There was alot of waiting time at the runway though, because of the number of flights.

Anyway, yiiiihaa! Hello summer vacation! First off i'd like to rave at the fact that this is the first time that I was able to really prepare for a flight. For the past few years most of my packing has been done in a mad rush with me sticking to my bahala-na-si-batman ways. Mostly because our trips also coincide with hectic seasons at the office. However, being with an OC boyfriend does have its perks, and this time we already had a full checklist and we've also scheduled our pasalubong-shopping ahead of time.

I'm also blessed to have had a day off prior the flight, since i've been working overtime during the past couple of days (including Sunday) so i got worried that i may not have enough time to pack. There's a hell lot of difference when you pack with a relaxed mind, i got to remember most of the important things to bring plus some add-ons, i also got to plan how i'd stuff them all inside the suitcase. I was so proud of myself when my mama kept asking if i've brought this and that and this and that and all my answers were "yes nanay!". If you knew me and how forgetful i am, you'd know that it's a really big deal. Heheh!


cebu pacific airport

What we're most excited about? BANTAYAN ISLANDS. Yeahmen! I'm looking forward to bonding with my cousins again and also with papa ray's relatives. Most of all, a break from all the stress and toxicity of the workplace. We're not forgetting the essence of Holy week though, as Cebuanos are some of the most devout Catholics in the country.

I'm just really thankful for breaks like this. No matter your plans, spend it wisely! Before we know it we'd be back in the real world. :p So how do you plan to spend yours?

Happy Vacation everyone!


  1. *Inggit*

    My staycation was spent catching up on 20+ issues of Naruto manga. I also brought home photos to edit but vacation time was not long enough ;p

    Glad you were able to enjoy a nice Cebu vacation- far, far away from line and customer issues ;)

  2. hahah i have lost track of Naruto it's been too long since I last watched an episode -_- thanks for dropping by ate ruth! :D :D


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