Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Line Play - Social Networking in 3D :)

Not too long ago, we blogged about Line, a mobile app that doesn't just do free calls and messaging, but also adds more fun to the experience by throwing in fun stickers, a timeline, games, camera, and more. Me and my roomies have been getting a kick out of playing with Line Camera, the filtering and sharingoptions are quite like Instagram but this allows you to play more with your photos by adding fun icons, effects, characters, blings and all that jazz :P At first i thought it was "baduy" but when I started playing with it I couldn't stop cutie-fying my photos anymore :P :P Heehee!

Just recently they added another cool feature to their services: Line Play. Hmmm it a nutshell, it's like interacting with your only friends in a 3D space instead of just via text/ photo feeds from Facebook/ Twitter. :D It allows you to create your avatar, furnish your own space, then visit the place of your friends and you could do things together like drink tea, have some snacks, water plants, or just chat away. It's really super cute.

I don't have alot of friends here yet -_- Most are people from other countries seeking for hearts and gems. heheh. It's really an interactive game. Check it out and add me up, yes? :p I'm using my facebook account hehehe. :D 

*Huling blog-hirit sa tag-init! Tomorrow we're flying for Cebu yeah! And I haven't packed my things yet yeah! And tomorrow is another hectic day at the office I hope we don't miss our flight! Wecandothis!!

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