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RnMDelights: The Wedding Team (Part2)

If there were suppliers that Ray lost sleep on, it would have to be the Photo and the Video. He knew that these will be all that is left with us when the whole hustle and bustle is gone so we really have to ensure we get the best that we could have given our budget. Now when your man talks to you with so much passion, you have to agree because you know he's dead serious! :)))

Photography - Imagine Nation / Madoka Tomas and Betty Uy

So we  devoured sooo many websites and Facebook pages of photographers. We knew that we wanted our photos to be light and fresh and natural. It took us months and a lot of due diligence when we stumbled on a bridal fair promo of Imagine Nation for one of their senior photographers - Madoka Tomas. We had to strip down the package to it's bare bones so we could secure a slot, and it was DANG WORTH IT.

Madoka was very helpful during our meetings on prenup shoots and viber discussions and gave her inputs on how we could set up the whole thing, mainly because me and Ray aren't used to posing in front of the camera. I mean sure we do a lot of shoots here in the blog but not with us as the subject haha puro pangselfie lang ang alam namin! She also made the effort to connect not just with us but with everyone else in the prenup team.

The same went for the wedding day. Ray was delighted to know that she was with Betty Uy, another cute photographer from Imagine Nation that Ray used to stalk online. I don't think I need to talk much about their work as the photos from this blog already speak for themselves. Will post a gallery of the pics too! We love how bright the photos are and they have a quick eye for detail and moments. We can't wait to share all the photos with you because we are so happy of the fact that we have these treasured mementos to look at 10, 20, 50 years from now. :)

Side kwento: I just want to share that Madoka is also a member of this all-girl photog-group called the Boudoir Dolls. They just had a re-launch recently and I think it's very much worth checking out. Proud of this lady! :)

Videography - J Franco Digital Films

Ito si Fritz tropa 'to e. Hehe! Me and Ray watched all SDE's that we could lay our hands on, in looking for the right videographer who fit the quality we were looking for and budget. I swear ang sipag nyang kunin lahat ng pinamimigay na CD sa bridal fairs tapos panonoorin nya lahat nakakaloka.

It was in one of these bridal fairs where we met their team, then we arranged a separate date with Fritz to discuss what we wanted for the wedding. He's another one of those suppliers who was super easy to talk to that it almost felt like we were longtime friends. Our save-the-date shoot in UP was one of the most fun that we've had. Para lang kaming naglalaro hehe, his team was really cool and cowboy! This chill vibe of his also added to the positive vibe we had during the wedding.

We're also very happy that Fritz was willing to listen to how we wanted our SDE to be and our choice of song. It turned out to be much better than expected! Biglang ang daming nagtanong sa amin ng contact # ni Fritz mehehe! Thank you so much guys you were a joy to work with!

We recently got hold of the full DVD package from JFranco and Ray liked how the full video coverage made a full movie out of the wedding so it wasn't dragging to watch. They also have a behind-the-scenes addition that captures all the light moments during the wedding. I personally haven't watched this yet but Ray says it was really cool!

Photoman - Geronimo Photographico

We have our own photobooth business but the corkage at Vivere was almost equivalent to booking another photobooth team so we opted for a Photoman. They may be a bit pricier but they save a lot of space in the reception venue, and it's a great way to ensure that everyone gets to have a photo-souvenir because they make rounds on all tables to take photos. A lot of our guests appreciated this because they no longer had to line up.  Plus we liked our layout! Yun na! :p

Coordinating with them was hassle free because they would always respond on time and worked efficiently on the day. Don't forget to tell all your guests that they actually have unli-reprint as a service para masulit! They stayed until the end of the event and was able to take photos of everyone without a fuss. They were also courteous and regarded are guests with all smiles. Thumbs up!

Here's a collection of the photos that they shot that day:

You can contact them at

String Quartet - Muzikqlass

Being a music enthusiast, of course we wanted a string quartet for our wedding. But the challenge was to find one that fit our budget. Good thing that these guys were bundled with KEE. It's quite unfortunate that we didn't get to communicate with them directly, but they delivered on the wedding day itself. I got a kick out of hearing them play "Baby I'm Yours" by the Arctic Monkeys as our first dance. I also got goosebumps as they played Kissed By a Rose while I walked in the aisle. In all the hustle and bustle we no longer got to listen to them that much but the guests said they were good and maganda daw ang songs. I'm pretty sad that we didn't get to talk to them to thank them personally but I hope to reach them through this. Some guests said the lead vocalist was really good unfortunately we didn't get a photo of him. 

Our guest singers also didn't have problems communicating with them that day. The guest singers are our friends and some of our favorite singer/performers. :) 

Muzikqlass with Paolo Medallon. Stage presence + artistahin daw yihee!
Muzikqlass with Zane Escobar. She's one of my most favoritest singers and I definitely wanted her to sing for our wedding

Invitations - Print Café

We had our invites made in their branch at Festival Mall. We knew that there were a lot of cheaper ones in Divisoria but the truth is the price difference isn't really huge, plus there was the fact that we knew we would have to coordinate several times with them for revisions and discussion of details, so their location was an advantage because we're from the South. Kwits lang din sa pamasahe at time na igugugol kung nag-Divisoria pa. It turned out to be a good choice.

Lina of Print Café has become dear to us during the course of the preps because she was very patient and helpful during the discussion of our invitation design. It's a key service of these stores because they have in-house designers who can help you to really customize your invitation, plus they have a wide array of paper types. Ang simple simple lang ng invite namin pero parang naka-apat o limang revisions hehe! Kada-discussion pa ng revision ang haaabang meeting na pare-pareho kaming nakaharap sa monitor nya. Hehe! That explains why we really like her. Aaand we love what she did with our monogram I feel like I want to use it again and again for various other occasions.

We did encounter a glitch with them during the printing of the invites, but they were still able to deliver it on time. So yes we're happy with these guys.
Check them out on Facebook: and Instagram @printcafe

Souvenirs with our monogram
The wedding ring 
Wedding Rings - Matus Jewellery

We met them first on our first ever bridal fair, while we accompanied our twin couple Maybel and Lloydie. We tagged along with them as they canvassed for their wedding rings and decided that we will book them for ours too.  We got a really nice discount during the bridal fairs, but a whole lot of booths do that too. I guess what differentiated them was how sincere they were and that their designs were mostly classic. All transactions were smooth and fittings done on time. It also helped that their store was just in Megamall so it was very accessible.

Giveaways - Gourmet Farms and The Scarf Factory

The main store of Gourmet Farms is in Tagaytay and that's where we got our coffee giveaways for our Ninongs. They harvest their own coffee and their farm is a haven for enthusiasts of everything organic.

I am a sucker for scarves, which is why I wanted a good scarf as giveaways for our  Ninangs. I'm happy to note that "The Scarf factory", even if they were just an online shop that I stumbled upon in Facebook, was really responsive and could be counted on. Parang ilang bwan akong inquire ng inquire without really making the booking because I wanted to check on various other possible sources, pero respond lang sila ng respond on time. Hehe! When you're an aligaga bride, these simple things really matter because you're thinking of so many things and you need answers fast. So at some point parang ang gaan na ng loob ko sakanila tas nag-book nako. Hehe! The convenience of having your gifts delivered to your doorstep is obviously a plus, and the delivery was quick. The quality was good! So yey for The Scarf Factory!

Bridal Hair and Makeup - Anne Garcia's Face Art

Anne Garcia

Anne is another W@W discovery. Try to inquire over there on who to recommend as HMUA and her name will always come up. For a budget bride like me, it helped that her rates were really very affordable. I used to have zero clues as to what to look for in an HMUA so my number one priority was for her to fit my budget.

But dealing with Anne gave me more than I could ask for. I've had several trial makeups on fairs but we liked hers best because it felt light and natural. This really depends on the preferred 'look' that you have. Most of all, she was very easy to talk to and relate with. It helped me relax hours before the wedding. This is very important for me also because my mom disliked having her makeup done by someone else so I needed someone who would assure her that it would be just fine. I liked how natural the makeup looked on my mom and Ray's mom and how at ease they felt with her. She also works fast and that was a major help during the preps time. My maid of honor is also a fan, and my groom, so yes she kind of won our hearts. Hehe!

Entourage Hair and Makeup - Hair and Makeup by Dorothy Mamalio

Chai is one of my closest girl friends. A foodtech major/ braid enthusiast /fellow music-junkie and now a full-pledged makeup artist. She covers weddings, fashion shoots, and advertisements. The whole gang is proud of her! She did my prenup makeup and the fab entourage makeup for my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors, together with her fellow HMUA Kirsten. She is very dedicated in her craft and always goes all out to help her clients. Her distinct style is sure to turn more heads a couple of months from now. :)

Check out her IG @sunkissedbonita / Facebook page  for her portfolio and bookings.
Chai, the sun-kissed bonita :) (photo from her instagram)
The wedding host and the stylist: Drei Toledo and Vianka Amurao. Yes guys, they are hot. :p (photo from instagram)

Wedding Host - Drei Toledo

An easy favorite among the guests, Drei hosted the reception with grace, professionalism, and the right kind of crazy. Haha! We only had one meeting with her for the reception and we ironed everything out from there quick. It was a joy for me to have her as our host as she is one of my longtime soul sisters from our messy rooms back in college, and one of the most inspiring human beings I know. She also does corporate events and wedding gigs.

You can contact her at 09994211999 / for bookings.

Prenup Stylist - Vianka Amurao

Vianka is one of the brains behind a lot of Moonleaf's "punny" hugotlines and young vibe of their cafes as she is their Brand and Marketing Manager. She's easily the life of any party and has definitely made our prenup session more fun and light. Her innate resourcefulness helped us get through logistics issues that we encountered and even without those, I would still recommend her company because she's such a joy to be with.  She's got this refreshing spunk and energy that easily translates to her work.

You can contact her at 09276881588/ for bookings.


WHEW! And thaaat's a WRAP!! Ang dami!!! Hahah! I'm thankful for the chance to blog this because I could freeze this moment and go back to it whenever we want to. This review may have taken pretty long but this is a tribute to each and every one who has made this wedding a success. It's not easy to work on your ideal wedding while working on a tight budget, and it took the extra effort for us, and an extra mile for all of these guys to make it happen. Knowing how great all of our suppliers have been, made all the effort and trouble of scouting for them really worth it. 

Up to now we still scroll through the photos and still vividly remember how beautiful everything has been and it's all because of you! Our business with you guys may be over but we'll always remember how you made the most memorable day of our life perfect. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Here's another recap of all our suppliers.

Church - Sto Nino de Cebu Parish
Reception Venue, Preps Hotel, Lights/Sounds, Bridal Car and Caterer  - Vivere Hotel
Wedding coordinator - Kredin the Events Engineer (KEE)
Flowers - KnK Moments
Photography - Imagine Nation / Madoka Tomas and Betty Uy
Videography - J Franco Digital Films
Invitations - Print Café
Photoman - Geronimo Photographico
Place card Souvenirs and Calligraphy - Ruth Jacob
Groom Suit - Melaine's Bridal
Wedding Gown - New Creations by Evelyn Guerrero
Entourage Gowns - Polywear
Wedding Shoes - Dom & Gab Shoes
String Quartet - Muzikqlass
Bridal Hair and Makeup - Anne Garcia's Face Art
Entourage Hair and Makeup - Hair and Makeup by Dorothy Mamalio
Wedding Host - Joan Andrea "Drei" Toledo
Supplier Meal - The Walking Pantry
Gifts - Gourmet Farms and The Scarf Factory
Prenup Stylist - Vianka Amurao 

Selfies with suppliers and friends (left to right): Lina and Eunice of Printcafe, Bridgitte of Vivere, Evelyn of Newcreations, Anne Garcia, Madoka of ImagineNation/ Shekinah/ Chai and Vianka Amurao, Drei Toledo, Father Danny of Sto.Nino de Cebu, May and her husband from Matus Jewellery, Fritz of JFranco Digital Films, and Kreds and Team of Kredin Events Engineers

To my Mr. M, I always say that I'm proud with all that we've done in the 4 years that we were together as boyfriend-girlfriend, but this was our biggest adventure. The more we were into the preps, the more I realized that I was about to marry the right person. I love you more everyday! Happy 3rd month last December 26!! :) Thank you for always being my "Ray" of sunshine :) Let's get forever on!!

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