Sunday, October 28, 2012

Livin Laiya Loca

So how often to Front of Line Process Engineers go on outings?

WE DON’T!! SOS! Hahaha.

I guess it's because there just weren't enough people who were willing to push it through and organize for real. But all work and no play makes the Juan a dumb engineer at (PE) bay!

But not anymoooore! :)

Courtesy of FLINS, we have finally organized a summer outing!

If before all our plans were just writings on water, we have now FINALLY swam that water hahaha!

Laiya Batangas

We had our outing at Virgin Beach Resort at Laiya Batangas, last September 29. What we loved is that we almost had the beach to ourselves. Steeg! The resort wasn't really out of the ordinary but what made it really fun was the how everyone was able to relax, and have a good time.

Each of us had their own assignments of utensils, projector/mic for the improvised videoke (we ain't engineers for nothing yo!), and et cetera. But the food was courtesy of kuya REYEP. And man was it a feast!! Hasteeg!

Almost everyone from the Wirebond group was present, even our director Sir MENRI was there to have some fun. And have fun we sure did!

Bits and pieces of memories:

  1. Masarap palang kumain ng puto sa dagat!
  1. Mas mahilig ang fishies sa puto kesa sa gardenia bread LOL
  2. Epic ng model ng alak si kuya CAPIM weheheh
  1. Song discovery of the day: PUSONG BATO courtesy of AESCO (All together now: "di mo alam dahil sayo, ako'y di makakain, di rin makatulog buhat ng iyong lokohin.." hahahah!)
  1. Singer of the day SIR GUUUUUUUDZ 
  2. Breakout performer of the day: MAM LEY hahaha
  3. Dance number of the day: Bulaklak courtesy of the wirebond angels
  4. Huli-man-ang-magaling-mageenjoy-at-makaka-JAM-padin: award ni HGUAR :D
  5. Star of the day: BABY DAVID!! :D :D Pwede nang model o! super cute!

In fairness, it was a welcome break from all the 8D's, LDI's, and toxicity of the workplace. It was refreshing to be with people outside the company (and beyond lunch outs hehe) for a change :)

See you guys next time!!! :D

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