Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Once-in-a-while Driving Student :p

At Cavite

Today was another driving-session with my tatay. I've been trying to learn how to drive since last year but my schedule wouldn't permit me to really devote alot of time to it. Id practice drive for about once or twice in one month and that was it. I got around to making the thing run up to the 5th gear but i still had trouble with steering wheel control and gas-clutch-balance.

This time though, we had nanay with us and it was a totally crazy scene at the car:
Mama: "Anaaak brake brake brake! Ibaba mo na sa second gear!... Aaay aaaay brake brake!!"
Tatay: "Nangning nalalaglag ka sentro sentro...clutch -brake!"

Hahah swear sakit sa ulo.

What i found really hilarious was when mama started singing CHRISTIAN SONGS in the car. Dumi-divine intervention ang panalangin?? hahaha! 

I think tatay had to pee for 4-5 times during the whole session. Haha grabe ang nerbyos ni Itay. Sabi dati nung si mama tinuturuan nya drum daw ang nac-cr nya ngayon balde nalang. Improvement? HAHA.

We did our practice driving on the road going to Trece Martirez, Cavite. It had quite a number of curves, up and down slopes, and occassional private vehicles.

However, the most stressful were the COWS.  Maygad. During our first round there was a cow lying in the middle of the street. Hindi ko naman siya masasagasaan pero ang sakit sa ulo lang ng presensya niya don heheh. What stressed me was during the last part, when we encountered two cows having some quality intimate time in the MIDDLE of the effin street. I was like what-the-hell?? Tabi kayo dyan pliiiiis. Talagang nagpapalakad-lakad pa sila don ayaw umalis e syempre keber sila sa busina ko. hahah. Sabay nung pagalis nung baka hinabol naman kami ng tatlong aso. Hahah grabe sakit sa ulo!

But i'm really enjoying it :D this time i'll follow tatay's instructions to do some practice stepping on the clutch gas and brakes so i wouldn't have trouble familiarizing with them again. I'll take advantage of the 4 day weekend next week to make some real progress. :D Yey!

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